Top Tips

Check out these top tips! You’ll find there are lots of places to get more guidance once you’re signed in, but it’s worth checking these out to fast track getting started!

Mobile shortcut

Create a short cut for your phone to make it easy to access C-Coach.

  1. Tap the Share icon  at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select Add to Home screen from the menu.

  1. Tap the menu icon (3 dots)
  2. Select Add to Home screen from the menu.


We’ve created lots of guidance throughout the coach to help you optimise your development journey.

1. Landing Page

This section positions how things work, why we do things and how this will benefit you the principles and process of the coach.

2. Menu – Drop Down

3 areas of impact

  • Very quick summary of value
  • What are your options – choose between these functionalities (Recommended or Choose Your Own)
  • Links to benefit articles

3. Pop Ups

Tips about what you are doing on the page, choice of what to do next, or confirmation of change

4. Individual Help Sections

Functional, this is what’s happening on the screen. Some tips.

  • A coach bar is available at the top of each page. You can close this once you’ve read it. It will remain closed the next time you use the page, but click the ? to reopen.
  • Throughout the pages a ? displays besides individual functions to help you understand them

Step 1 – Identify

  • We help you prioritise the changes that will improve your life. Taking the time out to really think it through is a very valuable experience.
  • We recommend completing a few priority areas and then moving on.
  • You’re not being judged, so be honest and consistent with yourself. That way we can accurately prioritise your development.
  • Once you’ve completed an assessment, set a goal to start your development journey.
  • We recommend you spend 5 – 10 mins a day in the coach to make sure you optimise learning, and make changes habitual.

Step 2 – Set

  • Focus on manageable changes – you can only focus on bite sized changes at a time. We will break down development requirements into manageable chunks.
  • Tasks and Habits – setting yourself individual activities to repeat, creates discipline and accountability.
  • Fit around you – we’ll match your needs with a range of development content that you can start immediately. You choose which ones work for you, how many and when to access them.
  • A realistic timescale – give yourself time to practice & make your new behaviours habitual. As a guide, repeating things for 30 -60 days really helps to embed those behaviours!


  • Use the Journal to reflect on your progression and performance, to inform your next steps and future decisions.
  • We recommend you spend at least 5 mins a day to write down your thoughts, feelings, learnings, and experiences. Some of these will relate to progress you have made against your objectives and/or goals (and you can link them), many won’t but are hugely valuable to you and your health.