Let's Help Humans Grow

Together, we can impact everyone in an organisation

Current Affiliates/Partners

Greater Value, Greater Returns

Extended Service

Complement your current services by offering more value to high-value customers.

No-Risk Income

See significant EBITDA multiples from earnings on this passive software income.

Better Client Relationships

Deepen your client relationships by providing the help they need at scale.

Affiliate Partner

C-Coach partners with top-tier coaches, trainers, and counsellors who don’t have time to help an organisation’s entire workforce. We’ll make sure all of your work at the executive level trickles down to front-line employees.

Contact us if you’d like to expand your reach.

Licensing Agreement

C-Coach has a licensing agreement with partners who want to support their customers with people development. We can customise each instance and provide customer support to make implementation a breeze.

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"A pocket friend you can confide and learn with, its always with you and doesn’t judge"
Rebecca Jones – Estate Agent
“I’m not an expert in everything and I’m time poor, C-Coach helps my team help themselves, it helps me shift my time to target help rather than guessing what's needed”
James Boyd– Business Owner
"I wouldn’t be here if and in such a good place if it wasn’t for C-Coach”
Anonymous – I’m sure you understand why!
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C-Coach is simple to use but the results and areas of impact are massive. Sounds too good to be true?

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