Driven by Purpose

To have a positive impact on people, unlocking lives, looking after the health of people and creating true partnerships between business and its people

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We are passionate about having a positive impact on people's lives. By democratising coaching, we can unlock everyone's limitless potential

The Back Story

In his years of turning underperforming businesses around, founder Paul Burton saw a pattern: when employees are undervalued, they underperform.

After years of unleashing the potential of individuals one-on-one, Paul set up a scalable, personalised framework that any organisation could use for its people.

C-Coach uses this framework to help individuals, managers, and organisations that want to perform better, but don’t know how.  

What We Believe In

C-Coach is not just a brand name – it’s a belief that powerful organisations are built on:

  • Culture
  • Change
  • Compassion
  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Charity
  • Choice
  • Collaboration
  • Co-Creation
  • Community
  • Connection
  • Clarity
  • Certainty
  • Capability
  • Consciousness

How C-Coach is Giving Back

C-Coach is committed to donating 3% of its profits to charitable organisations that foster diversity, equity, inclusion and supportive interventions.

Meet The Team

Paul Burton


As a leader who turns problems into solutions, Paul Burton uses that passion to make a positive impact on people.  Merging empathy and compassion with emotional intelligence, tenacity, and the willingness to take risks, he envisions a future of limitless possibilities. His long-term goals include creating ongoing awareness about human-powered change, building partnerships with like-minded businesses, and initiating new government practices that support education for people in all walks and stages of life.

Rob Caston


Rob has 30 years’ experience in the technology sector, working in financial technology sales and consultancy in The City before setting up a digital agency to help SMEs maximise their online potential. Rob manages our product development – delivering the best product experience possible for our users, through constant evolution, development, testing and feedback. He is passionate about the potential of technology to improve people’s development, to create experiences for users to reach their full potential.

Derek Findlayson


Derek’s collective 40 years in the Insurance, Marketing & Technology markets led him to the creation of his own business, InteliHub Consultancy Ltd. It’s at InteliHub where he uses his depth of digital transformation, leadership, and strategic knowledge to assist high-growth businesses solve complex problems. Derek was drawn to the fresh and innovative approach C-Coach took to the talent development space. In his advisory capacity, Derek constantly challenges the team at C-Coach to optimize the product, raise the customer experience bar, stand out from the crowd, and implement strategies that the top 5% of businesses use. He continues to work with the founder to put in place frameworks to efficiently and optimally scale the business. 

Brad Taylor


Brad is a professionally qualified senior HR professional with over 30 years’ experience. He specialises in people and workplace strategy, organisational development, culture, change, and employee engagement; advising businesses through his own consultancy, Strategically People Ltd. Brad was previously Director of People, OD & Workplace at the CIPD – the professional body for HR and people development – and Director of HR & Workplace Experience at CIMA. Prior to that he held various HR management roles with Barclays Plc. His passion for people development and growth is what drew him to the Board of C-Coach, where he contributes to the development of our business strategy.

James Dempsey


James’s passion and talent for leading teams emerged quickly as he began his career as an adjudicator of legal disputes. In his roles as Senior Adjudicator and Operations Manager, he saw the need for tools to assist leaders with people development, as well as the major gaps in what was available. As a user of C-Coach, James is well-versed in how it delivers results to both individuals and managers. He uses this first-hand experience, EQ, and communication prowess to make the customer experience as rich as possible. James is also responsible for optimising the customer journey, engaging with existing users, analysing user data, and sharing insights to better inform the business strategy. His excitement for actualising people development at scale is what drives him to bring his best work and fresh ideas to the C-Coach team.

Nicole Vignola


Nicole’s deep curiousity for the human mind let her to earn a BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Bristol, and later to an MSc in Organisational Psychology at the University of the West of England. Her previous research on adult synaptic plasticity and wiring of the human brain served as a springboard for further research into the plasticity of mindset change. Nicole quite easily found alignment between her values and the mission at C-Coach. Enabling individual change at scale without expensive in-person coaches and empowering people to take control of their lives is something that Nicole has advocated for over the last few years. At C-Coach, she is responsible for ensuring the platform is backed by science and translates into real impact on its users. She brings her organisation skills, on-demand motivation, and efficiency to the white paper she is current writing for C-Coach’s unique framework.