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“85% of career success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills. Only 15% from technical skills.”


Developing The Human, Not Just the Student

C-Coach gives students the chance to learn life skills that aren’t widely available in universities and colleges.

Backed by the principles of psychology, neuroscience, and change management, C-Coach takes a mechanistic approach to developing soft – or, ‘power’ – skills.

Culture Creation
Create a culture that prioritises developing the whole person.
Tech-First Innovation
Leverage software to stay relevant with young scholars and reach the entire student body.
Workforce Ready
Give students the interpersonal skills, growth mindset and competitive edge they’ll need to land any job.

“From the moment I started using C-Coach at university, I knew I’d found something that would make professional and personal development simple, practical and interesting.  C-Coach takes you through different areas to unlock your true potential, then though videos, articles, book recommendations, podcasts and more, to build on these strengths and weaknesses.

I still share some of the materials with friends and family as they dramatically changed my perception on a range of subjects.

I see C-Coach as an invaluable tool when in comes to professional and personal development.”

Natalie Lauraine, Alumni, using C-Coach

Supporting all Stakeholders

Employers – Connected, Supplied & Engaged

We know that we have a quality source of work ready future employees. We have the tools and insight to continue the growth journey based on individuals needs.


Staff/Coaches – Empowering, Equipping & Nurturing

My needs and growth are supported. I am equipped with the tools to help my students help themselves and I can target support


Parents – Wellbeing, Confidence & Investment

I have confidence in an forward looking organisation to equip my child to navigate life’s challenges


Students – Modern, Connected & Supported

I have a life coach in my pocket to support my wellbeing, relationships, educational journey and career

Watch Your Students Evolve with C-Coach


Equipping students to take care of themselves, and become aware of the steps they can take that will have the greatest impact on their life, relationships, wellbeing, career or study.

Life Skill Development

Listening, reflecting, time management, and resilience are life skills. Some people are naturally good at them, but most people must learn and practice the behaviours that make up those skills. C-Coach becomes a student’s teacher outside the classroom.

Emotional Wellbeing

When students are mentally and emotionally fit, they’re capable of taking on greater challenges – both socially and academically. With the opportunity to self-reflect at such a crucial time in their development, students can become incredibly resilient.

Accountability & Ownership

Since C-Coach is self-directed, students are encouraged to take ownership over their own development. This is a powerful way of being that will impact their student life, as well as their future careers.

Benchmarking Progress

C-Coach’s personal progress dashboards and goal achievement badges produce the ‘endowed progress effect’. When students can see their advancement towards the goal of personal development, they are motivated to continue on.

Community Support

Forming bonds among students, outside of weekend parties, will have long-lasting effects. C-Coach’s community allows individuals to ask for help, offer help, and stay connected along their personal growth journeys.

Universal Recipes for Success

By developing these 8 power skills – with their corresponding 72 competencies and 820+ behaviours – individuals can maximise their capability.

C-Coach uses a science-backed coaching framework to guide students and supervisors, to take you through critical steps required to change your human competence superpowers.

C-Coach takes users through 4 stages of change:

  1. Awareness – from being unaware of your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Acceptance – of what you do and don’t know and deciding to do something about it
  3. Action – to improve your competence
  4. Habit – repeated experience in using your new competence and making it habitual.

C-Coach is specifically designed to take you seamlessly through this journey, to get you to be unconsciously competent; the stage where you are at your most effective in a way that feels effortless.

As a bridge between university and employment, C-Coach is a powerful tool to provide and support growth for both students and employers.

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C-Coach is simple to use but the results and areas of impact are massive. Sounds too good to be true?

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