Technology Empowering Change

A fully automated, self driven coach, to identify and develop the missing ingredients for success

C-Coach is designed to operate with connected cycles to support sustainable change, to provide the energy to create traction, movement and support that is self-perpetuating

In short, the C-Coach operates at three levels.

1. Creating a tangible and consistent set of standards and expectations for the organisation and its people.

2. Equipping managers with the insight and means to support impactful growth, personally as a leader and for their team.

3. Empowering and creating responsibility for individuals to help themselves, through self-identifying the priority changes they can make that would have the greatest impact on them and providing the means and support to change.

C-Coach uses a science-backed coaching framework to guide individuals and managers, to take you through critical steps required to change your human competence superpowers.

C-Coach takes users through 4 stages of change:

  1. Awareness – from being unaware of your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Acceptance – of what you do and don’t know and deciding to do something about it
  3. Action – to improve your competence
  4. Habit – repeated experience in using your new competence and making it habitual.

C-Coach is specifically designed to take you seamlessly through this journey, to get you to be unconsciously competent; the stage where you are at your most effective in a way that feels effortless.

Joint Understanding

Honest Conversations

Support & Focus

Individual & Team Data -Use, Competence, Goals 

People with a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) earn an average of $29,000 per year more than average.


Universal Recipes for Success

By developing these 8 power skills – with their corresponding 72 competencies and 820+ behaviours – individuals can maximise their capability.

Underpinned by a Bank of Configurable Expectations

Users are taken on a personalised and prioritised journey, through 72 competencies and 4,000+ development resources.

Who C-Coach is for?

C-Coach adds value to every stakeholder, enabling change to be sustainable, transformative and reinforced. 

In doing so, we simplify focus; giving insight of the root causes impacting people, then the means and resources to make the changes required.


Improve The Environment

Employees that use C-Coach know their employers are investing in them as humans, not just as replaceable technical experts.

By promoting an environment where change is encouraged, organisations can craft compassionate, growth-centric cultures.


Improve Team Performance

Managers have the power to help their teams flourish – but they need the right tools.

Using C-Coach’s insights on each employee’s nuanced capabilities, managers can offer guidance based on objective observations rather than subjective opinions.


Improve Your

Transformation starts from within, and C-Coach helps you look in the mirror (without any judgement).

Only you can change you. Getting in the driver’s seat of your own professional and personal development will take you light years further than any external force could.

"A pocket friend you can confide and learn with, its always with you and doesn’t judge"
Rebecca Jones – Estate Agent
“I’m not an expert in everything and I’m time poor, C-Coach helps my team help themselves, it helps me shift my time to target help rather than guessing what's needed”
James Boyd– Business Owner
"I wouldn’t be here if and in such a good place if it wasn’t for C-Coach”
Anonymous – I’m sure you understand why!

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C-Coach is simple to use but the results and areas of impact are massive. Sounds too good to be true?

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