I Don’t Have Time! That’s Great News! What?

We are all time-poor, so we need to be able to make small time investments otherwise this just won’t happen. This is almost serendipitous because effective change only really happens in small increments, as we can only focus on so much at any time.

Big changes are hard to make stick, we know from both neuroscience and psychology, that our brain isn’t designed to take huge leaps at a time and build in swathes of new information. Therefore, this often becomes scary and too much to take in.

C-coach is built to support you by interacting in short bursts of time, when and where works for you.

Every stage is designed for you to jump in and out when it suits you. It’s your pocket friend, so whether it’s 5, 15 or 30 mins at a time you have spare, that works! Every time you come back, you will get a small increment of insight, growth, focus and investment in yourself.

The value of marginal gains cannot be underestimated. Each change you make is compounded, so over time the impact on your life is huge.

To visualise the impact of small incremental changes, imagine just one sheet of paper. Now if you fold that paper 42 times you get from the Earth to the Moon, and only about 94 folds of a paper to make something the size of the entire visible Universe. Suddenly, a goal to reach the stars isn’t so lofty😊 but the size of paper might be 😂.