Talent! You just can’t get it!? Why?

Because “Talent” pretty much means “Natural” (see dictionary definitions below). I’m not sure how many of our top performers had “a natural ability without being taught” – but if they do, they may be a bit like unicorns.

Surely the war for talent is a mugs game and only going to be won (short term) by organisations with deep pockets. And then will the unicorn stay? Either way your benchmark salary has just gone up!

It’s also divisive, as according to the status this is a limited group of individuals we are focused on. Everyone has limitless potential, it’s a matter of unlocking it.

I have met some amazing people who have grown to be irresistible and be top of their game, but that wasn’t through natural talent, it was through hard work, learning, making mistakes and a very healthy dose of support. It’s not good enough to talk about amazing creations (which these people are) without understanding the ingredients.

A question – how many of you know without looking the ingredients to a Baked Alaska? Mmmmm tasty, irresistible eh! But miss an ingredient and it’s a splodge of wasted money and energy.

Everyone has limitless potential! Are you raising the capability of everyone in your organisation by helping them understand the personal ingredients they need to unlock potential and become irresistible?

If not, you are missing the trick and you’re playing a very expensive game! Not only will it cost you to buy it, you are leaving untapped potential in the workforce you’re already paying for.

If you’re interested in discovering more give me a nudge…

What’s your view? What am I missing?

Oxford Dictionary – “natural aptitude or skill”
Cambridge – (someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught: