Two-thirds of business leaders see HR’s role as administrative

Perception or reality? Why is HR seen as administrative rather than a profit centre, after-all if you can improve the productivity of a workforce by even 1% that’s lucrative!

We have all been hit by a perfect storm, which have drained even the most stoic. HR have been on the front line trying to brace the company against CV, Wellbeing challenges, DE&I, Hybrid Working to name but a few. Another weather front is just arriving of Up-Skilling/Re-Skilling and Talent Development because of skills and resource shortages and yet there are questions about the value and impact of the function!

It’s time for HR to reverse-engineer what they do, after-all with businesses pointing a finger and HR at break point something must change.

Imagine if you could..
Put the power and responsibility of change and development in the pockets of individuals.
Equip managers with the tools and time to support individuals and teams to realise their potential
Provide businesses the intelligence and means to create sustainable, healthy, and irresistible organisations, where people want to work, customers want to do business and prosperity flows.

It is possible… C-Coach, reverse engineering change so everyone wins!