Four-day week: economic disaster or innovative recovery?

Is this innovative? Is slotting everyone into an slightly different working norm the right answer? Is this what we mean by flexibility?

I’m totally not against it but isn’t it another lazy sheep dip approach, whereby everyone has to fit in a box?

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying there should be the right to flexibility, I think it has to work for both the employer and employee. If it doesn’t then we all have choices we have to make.

I also fear that we are taking a short term reaction to something that potentially has long term implications that will impact mental health, fatigue, team work, workforce and workplace planning and of course productivity, that impacts lives, jobs, businesses and in turn security!

So what’s the answer? Personalisation is in my view! One size doesn’t fit all.

But, I recognise that traditional tools won’t create the depth of relationships, the insight, competence or data between individuals, managers and organisations to achieve that!