Fully automated coaching technology and a new employee proposition to increase performance, well-being and loyalty.

Raising competence, confidence and connection at scale,
to address today's people challenges!

We equip organisations and individuals to thrive.

By raising competence, confidence and connection at scale, we make it easy to increase performance, well-being and loyalty.

Combining fully automated coaching technology, with a new employee proposition and human support, we create amazing win-win experiences!

It’s a commercial proposition with care at its heart that guarantees results.

The insight and means to cultivate high performance cultures, where individuals thrive, productivity soars and people gravitate.


Improved competence, confidence and connection

Increased efficiency and effectiveness

Improved employee and customer experiences


Increased profitability

Reduced employee turnover and sickness

Reduced distraction, risk, and cost

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, traditional strategies and tools fall short, creating a disconnect between employers and employees.

At C-Coach, we're revolutionising the way businesses thrive in the modern world.

Revolutionary Employee Proposition

C-Coach introduces a ground breaking employee proposition, revolutionising the way organisations engage with their workforce.

Our fully-automated coaching technology and comprehensive standards empower individuals to excel, fostering a high-performance culture where productivity, loyalty, and well-being flourish.

Our Mission

To equip organisations and individuals to thrive in the modern workplace. We believe in empowering both employers and employees with the tools, strategies, and support they need to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Our approach focuses on addressing the underlying needs of individuals, going beyond traditional pay and benefits to drive sustainable change.

Hybrid Working

Leadership Capability

Performance Management

Career Management & Succession

Customer Satisfaction


What We Offer

Personalised Coaching Technology

Our cutting-edge coaching technology is designed to cater to the unique needs of all your employees through a tailored approach to personal and professional development.


C-Coach provides individuals with unique insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, offering immediate access to resources and support. Enabling individuals to enhance their competence and confidence, creating a workforce that’s not just skilled but inspired and well.

Empowering Line Managers

Empower your line managers with specialized tools to support their teams effectively. Our platform ensures consistent, tangible, and measurable standards, enabling managers to foster an environment of growth, understanding, and support.


With C-Coach, managers can easily identify areas for improvement, celebrate achievements, and drive positive, human-centric conversations

What Sets Us Apart

Personalised Coaching
We offer fully automated, personalised coaching technology that aligns with your company’s standards, providing unique insights to drive individual growth.

Support at Every Level
Our platform empowers line managers with the tools they need to support their teams effectively, ensuring consistent and measurable standards.

Individual Empowerment
We put the power of development in the hands of each individual, helping them identify areas for improvement, access resources, and grow both personally and professionally.

Holistic Approach
C-Coach takes a holistic view of development, addressing personal and professional growth, well-being, connection, fairness, and purpose.

Sustainable Impact
Experience long-lasting transformations. We combine change, neuroscience, and psychology to drive sustainable growth. Say goodbye to temporary fixes; embrace a future where positive change endures.

Data-driven Insights
Inform your decision-making, helping you optimise recruitment, induction, performance, development, and succession

I’m not an expert in everything & time poor. C-Coach helps my team to help themselves, it helps shift my time to target help rather than guessing what’s needed.

Your Partner for Success

With C-Coach, you’re not just getting a service – you’re getting a partner for success. 

We work with you to create a high-performance culture where employees want to work, and customers want to do business. 

Our data-driven insights inform your decision-making, helping you optimise recruitment, induction, performance, development, and succession.

Unparalleled Return on Investment

We’re confident that C-Coach will deliver exceptional results. Typically, organisations can expect a 10-fold return on investment by year 2. 

Our solution reduces costs associated with turnover, recruitment, training, and sickness while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our Partners

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